06 May 2015

First Trip out on the boat

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Well I finally got out on the boat.River was calm like a sheet of glass.Weather was real nice.Person could not ask for a better

night to fish.

My friend Tiffany and I loaded the boat up around 7pm and headed to one of our favorite honey holes.We got to the first place just as the sun had set an quickly got setup.Within a few minutes a barge come down the river.It was at this moment I realized that My 10 foot flat bottom jon just plain out cant handle barge wakes. Read more

07 Nov 2014

Lure dryer

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Well Hello people.
I have been mighty busy.
I am goign to get into making custom wood crankbaits and lures.
So I decided that I need a custom lure dryer.
So with the help of a family member I set out to get one built.
It runs fine.I have it set at about 12 rotations per a minute and it does not turn to fast which I think is just perfect.
Im very pleased by the way it runs. Read more

22 Oct 2014

Markwell with a 30lb blue catfish

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Markwell pulls a 30lb  catfish from the depths of the Ohio River

Markwell was fishing the Ohio river for catfish the other night

Nothing was biting and he was getting stuff ready to head to the house.Then with just the blink of an eye his last rod went down.

In a hurry he set the hook and felt that it had landed right on the mark.He knew that fishes eyes had been crossed.

Markwell  knew it was a decent fish but not a clue how big it was.

The fight lasted only for a short few minutes but felt much longer.

To his astonishment

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01 Sep 2014

Paint job completed On the Jon Boat

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Well I have nto done any fishing but I  have been working on the paint job on the boat.

With the help of a few friends the paint job is final.

I am more then satisfied with the way it turned out.I could not of asked for better. Read more

18 Aug 2014

Carp Fishing

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Well things have been slow past few weeks.Been working on the boat restoration.Then stopped in the middle of that and went on a vacation to pigeon Forge Tennessee.

I did manage to catch a few fish while there.A nice Rainbow Trout.

As well as that when I got home I did some Carp fishing and caught a nice one….

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