30 Jun 2014

Been working on the boat

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Well I know they have not been a post on here for about 6 days.

I have not been able to fish much.Most of my time has been put into fixing this boat up.

So far I have got the boat sanded.And performed the leak test.

I have the trolling motor just sitting here .I have had to read up on how to do this and that to a boat.

I got to tell you it been one hell of a learning experience. Read more

24 Jun 2014

scioto river trip and a 10′ jon boat

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Well Sorry guys for not many updates.

I have had one fishing trip in the past few weeks.The gars are running around here at the moment.

But I did go fishing the scioto river and caught a few gars.

But i think the highlight of this post is to say I have finally got my first boat. Read more

02 Jun 2014

Scioto River Blue Catfish

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Got some fishing done over the weekend.

My buddy markwell come down.He just got over total hip replacement so he was dying to get some fishing in.

After we spent some time getting the gear together we hit up the Scioto River in hopes for some flatheads.

Little did we know we was not going to find a flathead but something else entirely. Read more

21 May 2014

Giant buffalo fish with a huge Silver Red Horse

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Well Hows everyone?

Let me tell you fishing has been rough for me.I’m on a week dry spell.Things haveĀ  got to pick up soon.

I believe why I am not doing any good is the river is way above flood level right now.But the good news is its a dropping! woot woot!

With me not catching anything you are probably wondering why the title eh?

Well my fishing buddy has not had a dry spell.

Read more

09 May 2014

2 flatheads and A Drum

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Well its late. I been up till 7am so this post will probably be short and sweet.

Today was an off and on day.The weather here today has been crazy one minute its raining next minute its windy you get the idea.

The day started out by me finding some bait.Got that done and now I plan on doing some Flathead fishing.

I decided to try out my new ugly stik gx2 rod before I throw the cat rods out though. Read more