22 Mar 2014

catfishing on the Ohio River

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Went catfishing the other day.

The weather was nice for once up in the 60′s.So me and a buddy of mine hit the banks as usual.Really did not think we would catch anything since the water is still a little cold.

We got there setup and within a few minutes my friend has a blue catfish on the line.The blue was only 4lbs though but thats good  for now i guess.

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14 Mar 2014

Fishing trip channel catfish

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Its becoming that time of year again.

channel catfish trip

The weather is warming up.The catfish will be moving around soon.

I really love fishing in the spring time.Best time of the month to fish.That and my other favorite time would  be September.

I could not wait any longer so I hit the river bank. Read more

11 Mar 2014

Kentucky State of the Union Catfish Address 2014

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Guys watch this video and give the number a call.They need all the support they can get right now.

And leave a message for the Administrative Regulation Review Subcommittee.
Plainly stating, You SUPPORT the amendment to the Cat-Fishing laws in Kentucky waters, presented by Kentucky Fish and Wildlife. We need LOTS of calls before 1:30 pm eastern. When this will go before these guys and the decision to pass it on to the House will be made. Thanks !!!

28 Feb 2014

Gamakatsu Octopus Circle Hook Review

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Well I wanted to start reviewing a few products they I use faithfully when I fish.

I thought It would be best to start with The hook I use.The hook is the Gamakatsu Octopus Circle Hook.

This hook is designed to set right in the corner of the fishes mouth.So what this means is no more gut hooked fish.Which is great for the fisherman that’s looking to do catch and release on the bigger fish.

The Gamakatsu Octopus Circle Hook is constructed of light wire with a high carbon construction.The light wire allows for a better hook up.The hook also has needle sharp points.

I have bought many packs of these hooks and never have had to sharpen any of them. Read more

16 Feb 2014

Nothing Like fishing in the snow

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Well its February.I have been sitting in the house for weeks on end Waiting on spring.

I know I told everyone that I was done until Spring with fishing.Which I thought I was.

Most of the time anymore when mid December hots I got to put the rods down.The arthritis in my knee Usu

ally Forces me to do so.

But today my knee felt pretty good.I can only take so much of staying in the house.I had to get out and do something.

So what best to do then go fishing. Read more