Catching Skip jacks

Catching Skip jacks

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Well I am back.I know its been a little while since I posted but  I have finally found time.

I have been fishing for skip jacks here lately.

This is why you have not seen a post from me in a few days.Getting up early and leaving with a friend to go get skip jacks.Have not found the time to get on here and tell you all about it.

The 2 trips I went on i had a total blast.I have never went to catch them before.So i really did not know what to expect.My new friend really did a great job on explaining it all though.In in no time I was on my way to catching a good bit.

It was my first time to a dam to fish for skip jacks.

The site was very extraordinary to me.

The water and everything.It really is a great place to fish.I honestly have to say it is one of the best spots I have fished in my whole life.

I had a blast catching the skip jacks.Them little fish can put up a fight.They jump out of the water and everything.It was a blast i tell ya.

I didn’t know what i was doing at first.My friend had to tell me a few things on how to catch them before we went up there.With his advice I caught enough to do me for a while.

So hopefully I can use them to catch some nice cats this year.With would be great cause thus so far I have been only hooking up to little fish.SO now I got some big fish bait hopefully things pick up for me.

It was great of my friend to give me a ride up there and show me how to catch them.He was very patient when I bombarded his with about a million questions lol.

I know at times I got pretty excited.To be honest I was acting like a little kid ha.

But It was a blast and if you don’t do it all the time it can be pretty exciting catching them skip jacks.It was for me anyways.

So that is what I been up to and why I have not made a post here in a few days.


skip jacks
skip jacks


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