catfishing on the Ohio River

catfishing on the Ohio River

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Went catfishing the other day.

The weather was beautiful for once up in the 60’s.So me and a buddy of mine hit the banks as usual.Did not think we would catch anything since the water is still a little cold.We got their setup and within a few minutes my friend has a blue catfish on the line.The blue was only 4lbs though, but that’s good for now.It took another 4 hours before we seen any other action.I threw out to where I knew they were some underwater weeds.Let it sit there for about an hour before a nice channel catfish took my bait.Got it in that one weight was 3lbs 8 oz.Not very big but I was just happy to catch something.

Channel catfish


Catfishing on the Ohio is finally starting up, and I could not be more excited.I am hoping this will be a good year for me so far it’s off to a good start.Last year was great I finally got an Ohio master angler reward that was just awesome.My first one.But I’m hoping to smash my Channel personal records this year.I want to devote more time to catfishing.At least be out there every¬†other night if catfishign channel catfishnot more.So we will just have to see what happens.

In other news, I Got me another spin reel.After trying an Abu Garcia, and a Penn, I have just decided that I enjoy my spin reel too much.It’s a great reel for the money, and it holds over 300 yards of 30 lb test.That’s plenty with a good leader to boot.Matter of fact all my larger fish has been caught on it so far.And now that I got another one I’m sure more will.

I think it all boils down to what you feel more comfortable with while catfishing.









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    I would love to fish the ohio river but I have no idea where to go we live about an hr or more away. Could you give me some direction of where I can fish legally on the ohio river (bank fish). Thanks

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