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22 Mar 2014

catfishing on the Ohio River

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Went catfishing the other day.

The weather was nice for once up in the 60’s.So me and a buddy of mine hit the banks as usual.Really did not think we would catch anything since the water is still a little cold.

We got there setup and within a few minutes my friend has a blue catfish on the line.The blue was only 4lbs though but thats good  for now i guess.

It took another 4 hours before we seen any other action.

I threw out to where i knew they were some under water weeds.Let it sit there for about an hour before a nice channel catfish took my bait.Got it in that one weight was 3lbs 8 oz.Not very big but I was just happy to catch something.

catfishign channel catfish

Channel catfish

Catfishing on the Ohio is finally starting up and I could not be more excited.

I really hoping this will be a good year for me so far its off to a good start.

Last year was great I finally got a ohio master angler reward which was just awesome.My first one.

But im hoping to smash my personal records this year.

I really want to devote more time to catfishing.At least be out there every other night if not more.

So we will just have to see what happens.

In other news I Got me another spin reel.After trying an abu garcia,and a penn,I have just decided that I enjoy my spi nreel to much.I know that most serious cat guys use bait casters etc but  I am just to fond of my okuma avengers abf 90’s and I do believe that anything the abus and penns can bring in the Ohio my Okuma can to.

Its a great reel for the money and it holds over 300 yards of 30 lb test.Thats plenty with a good leader to boot.

Matter of fact all my larger fish has been caught on it so far.And now that i got another one im sure more will.

I think it all boils down to what you feel more comfortable with while catfishing.




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  1. Reply Ricky says:

    I would love to fish the ohio river but I have no idea where to go we live about an hr or more away. Could you give me some direction of where I can fish legally on the ohio river (bank fish). Thanks

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