Febuary Blue catfish

Febuary Blue catfish

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The day started out  hectic.I was late getting to the spot I chose for the day.
The Ohio River had dropped some .Which was good news for me.I could get to one of my usual bank spots.I figured no rain for a few days should be dried up Wrong!
I started down the hill which lead to the spot.Wham! my legs come out from under me.I went sliding down the mud hill.Rods went one way,Tackle box another.

I must of rolled about 200 feet.Luckily I didn’t get hurt.
Well After i let out some choice words to myself.. I headed on down the rest of the hill.
Finally got set up at 4pm.It was nice.The weather that is.It was pleasant 50F barometer was 29.98.What more could an anger

a real small blue catfish
Small blue catfish caught in February 2013



First Blue Catfish of the year

So I baited up and threw my lines out and sit there for 2 hours.Finally a bite.Not a hard bite .But a bit at least.Set the hook brought the fish in.The Blue catfish did not put up much a fight to talk about.The picture to the right is this fish.That is the first fish of the year for me.At that moment I was feeling a little mixed emotions.I was glad I caught a fish finally but I wanted a little bigger at least.

The Second Blue catfish of the year

So i put some fresh bait on and chucked it out there again.It didn’t take long this time.I decided to tight line a circle hook while I sorted the tackle box.SO as I sit there doing my sorting .I decided to look up to see if I was getting any bites and my rod was loaded!

I rose to my feet rather quickly and grabbed the pole.This one was putting up a decent fight.I knew it was not a trophy but a little bigger then the previous.

A Blue catfish
A Blue Catfish caught in the Ohio River February 2013

SO i fought him in which was not that hard.I can say I’m happy with this one.I was just using night crawler as bait since I’m out of all other bait at the moment.This was pretty much  Just to get out of the house.Well here is a picture of this little beast here on the left.

After that fish it was getting dark and the temperature was dropping like crazy.To be honest I was getting cold.So i decided to call it a day.
I got two fish.no trophy’s but A good day fishing in my book.


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