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30 Apr 2013

Flathead Catfish

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Flathead Catfish

Yea I finally got me one.It took a few trips but I got a Flathead Catfish.The first of the year for me.
He put up a pretty good fight for his size to.I cannot wait till I hook up with a monster one.
He gave the old bait feeder a good run.

To be honest I was really surprised what fight this Flathead Catfish had for his size.
The day up till the point of this catch was very dull.They were debris floating all over the place.

flathead catfish

A Flathead Catfish

And it was pretty hot.
I got down to the spot at around 7am which is was tolerable then.I hooked up to the Catfish at around 10am.He was out in from of a creek mouth.Probably just sitting down there gorging himself on some food.
I was able to get him in.AT first I thought it was a channel catfish.But to my surprise it was a Flathead.
Other then this catfish I did not catch anything except a hybrid Bass on a crappie jig.
The day ended with just the One good fish but I could not be happier.
I am going to be doing more cat fishing here now.I have been spending a little to much time Bass fishing and I want to try and catch me a few good catfish.
I love catching catfish.Thats what until this year The only fish I fished for.This year I been mixing it up a bit.I have good results I think for my first year trying this out.I have caught a good bit of fish all ready.The season is still young so I got a lot more time to catch some more.
In other news I might be getting myself a jon boat soon.So i might not be Bank bound for to much longer.I hope anyways.
If I do get the boat it will open a lot more areas up to me.
Well that is all for now,
Keep your lines tight out there.

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