New personal Best Flathead catfish

New personal Best Flathead catfish

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New Personal Best Flathead Catfish

Got an update for you all.Personal best flathead catfish as well as something else.My buddy markwell has got himself a boat so I been fishing off it with him.Our first trip was to brush creek in Ohio and though we had a good time We did not catch any fish there.It was my first time fishing brush creek.It was also my first time on a boat.To be honest boat fishing is where its at, but i still do enjoy beating the banks.

Well to start the night, we trolled all the way up to our spot we thought would hold a nice cat.We got there threw out, and then quickly realized we forgot something real important! So  we had to head all the way back to the dock.Well we was real determined to fish this spot so we headed back to it.Took us about 30 to 40 mins to get back there.But man was it worth it.

We had problems anchoring in the spot we wanted to fish.SO we decided ot beach the boat right across from the spot where we knew we could cast to it.Bait choice of the night was goldfish,carp,and some shad.We got our first hits about 15 minutes in at the spot but was talkign and to far away from our rods get to the fish.Which I wish I was not.

 Personal best flathead catfish

Well about an hour in My rod bent double and I knew that my hook had connected with  something of good size.What was on the other end was a great surprise.I fought the fish for about 15 minutes.Once again the okuma avenger abf 90 handled the fish just fine.What I was worried about i eft my 10 foot rod at home, and went with the ugly stik catfish rod I had instead.

It was just easier to handle in the boat.But let me tell you that ugly stik has got some fight in it.Never minute I thought the rod could not handle the fish.I think it has more power then my 10 foot rod, I felt more connected to the fish then i do on the bigger rod.

This fish Was running hard.Every time I got him close he would go on another power run.The feeling was just awesome.I finally got him in and I quickly realized I had just caught me a new personal best Flathead Catfish!

I quickly took some photos and released the fish to be enjoyed by future generations.

Which is important  we must protect our catfish population.

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