Small blue catfish

Small blue catfish

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Hey everyone hows it going out there?

Well I finally got the ankle healed up some.

To tell you it was absolute torture.Not being able to get out there and try to catch some fish.

But now that’s is took care of and I can get back out there and really start fishing hard.

I mean after all I got time to make up.Almost 3 weeks with not fishing.

Well I got out today.

The bank I was fishing on I knew that they were some stick up wood so I was hoping I might find some cats held up there.

The day was muddy.The bank was nothing but mud and sand.Real nasty.I was sinking all the way up to almost my knees.

There for the first hour I kept thinking what the hell am i doing here.i am sure you all know how aggravating it is getting mud on your rod and reel.I hate it.

So i continue marching through mud casting around .

Well now I finally find a section that has fish in it.Real snaggy though.I get some quick strikes but miss them.

So the day continued.Two hours pass and by this time I look a mes.I have mud all over me.All over my rod all over my reel.

And im getting real aggravated.

I end up getting two more bites and missing them to.After my 2 week lay up I have become quite rusty on getting them evidently.


So i just kept fan casting and letting it sit, with no takers for the longest time.

I finally did get one bite and i got the fish in.A small blue catfish.All that time and all i got was a small blue catfish.But its a catch none the less.

small blue catfish
a small blue catfish

So I fished for a little while longer with nothing else happening,I packed up and headed home.

Well guys What i would liek you to do is is check out the facebook page And share your catches on there.

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