Zach with a nice Pair Of channel catfish

Zach with a nice Pair Of channel catfish

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Day started out great, Zach caught a pair of channel catfish.Took a while to get going to the fishing hole but other then that all things fell into place.

Zach did not want to go at first said his neck was hurting but I talked him into going anyways.

I figured we might be able to do some good in a flooded creek for some channel catfish.

Well we got there and it was not long before our circle hooks were connecting with some channel catfish.

He was having a blast hell even I was to be honest.

Zach ended up catching 3 2 of them were a nice pair of channel catfish.

I ended up with three catfish myself.

It was a great evening fishing the creek.

I really like the hooks I got also.I did not miss a fish with them which is 10x better then the previous hooks that I bought for channel catfish.

I got to say when this creek goes up they seem to always be catfish in it.

I need to get out and fish more I been slacking lately.SO i plan to do a lot more.

With all the commercial fishing guys taking all our trophy cats for the pay lakes it has become rare to get a quality cat out of the Ohio River.

Hopefully something can be done about this.But I think they may be to much money in play.But lets hope Kentucky will get off the tit and protect the catfish.

One can only hope.

Well with that I am going to bring this post to a close and I will try and post more.

I am been slacking lately  and i will do better.

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A ncie pair of channel catfish
A nice pair of channel catfish

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